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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Painting my Grenadiers

It's been a while since I painted my MTP camouflaged British, so I've had to reinvent the wheel when it comes to painting a new batch of grenade launcher armed troops. So this time I'm going to record how I did it for next time.

First of all I searched for MTP on the internet and downloaded an image.

To get a base colour for painting I blurred image to get rid of all the detail, this I reckon will give the overall colour at a distance.

I then lightened the image and finally supersaturated the colours to compensate for washes at the end of the painting which will darken and remove some of the colour definition.

Then I found a small notebook where I had started to write down how I did it last time, which said 1/3 Olive Green, 1/3 Leather Brown, 1/3 Khaki, which gives pretty much the exact muddy green colour I got from my image processing. Oh well.

So I mixed up some base colour and painted all the camouflaged bits, I'm going to do the webbing plain green so it stands out more. The real stuff is in MTP, but I want it to stand out from the clothing.

Next colour is an off-white light shade, a mix of khaki and white, I painted bigish splodges all over.

Next is a light brown I got by mixing leather brown into the off-white shade. Similar sized splodges that cover up some of the previous white blobs making them smaller.

Next is a dark brown, smaller and thinner markings over all the previous layers.
Finally some very light small blobs here and there.

Next I painted the details, dark (deep bronze) green on webbing and helmet straps, black and green on the rifles, khaki boots.

After its all complete I washed it with GW Devlan Mud.

After the wash was dry I used a slightly lightened green on the webbing as a highlight, and then lightly drybushed with some Tamiya weathering stuff.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

25mm African Militia

  Here are some of my African Militia photographed guarding a hill.

 Camouflage is not anything specific but inspired by some typical African camouflage patterns.

 The commander waits in the bunker...
 ...while his trusted lieutenant encourages the troops.

 One man guards the supplies...
 ...while down in the trenches the rest of the troops prepare for action...
 ...and pass out the ammunition.


The figures are from the Assault Group 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

25mm Modern British

British troops advance from the cover of the woods

British Troops L85A2, L86A2
British with L85A2/L123A2 GL
 The figures are from the Assault Group painted with the new MTP camouflage pattern. Berets painted up with the red/white hackles of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Special Forces (Desert/DPM)
Taliban Squad Leader
I've just received 8 more figures with grenade launchers to round out the platoon, now I've got to remember how I painted the camouflage.

Next a couple of finished figures, a special forces type in mixed camo and a Taliban squad leader.